space shuttle launch and rocket explosion at night

Aerospace & Defense

Inter-Con has a long history of service to the the aerospace and defense industries. One of our first major clients, over four decades ago, was the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA).

Since then, we have built our expertise through managing security programs with clients like the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD). We understand that these agencies require the highest level of security characterized by the need for personnel with special security clearances, stringent access control, and operating procedures all while working within a classified environment.

With customized physical security services from Inter-Con, your people and property are protected by the industry’s most elite personnel. All security officers, account managers, and support personnel undergo a challenging path to employment, including rigorous background testing, and receive continuous training in their fields. We hand-select the physical security officers assigned to guard your firm. Instead of sharing resources between our clients, we will hire officers specifically to fill your security needs.

With a dedicated team for your physical security needs, you will have familiar faces and consistent protection from officers focused solely on your demands. Partnering with Inter-Con offers additional advantages, including:

  • Advanced technology: Inter-Con is on the cutting edge of technological development. We employ the latest innovations to help mitigate your risks and reduce overhead security costs. We will also create a custom app you can use to access performance data.
  • Personal solutions: With defense security program management from Inter-Con, you work with an account manager dedicated to serving your needs. Your account manager is an experienced Inter-Con professional in your area and someone you can reach for assistance or in case of emergency.
  • Embedded management: Our Solution Design Team develops a customized plan for your physical security, and monitors it with our proprietary Resource Management System. Using this tool, you can track real-time analytics to gauge our performance.