Advanced Technologies

Inter-Con is a pioneer in the security industry. We were the first to implement numerous challenging programs that have changed the industry, including the first to provide contract security service for the Department of State abroad and the first to introduce the use of GPS and cellular technology to track mobile assets. Our innovations span use cases from physical site security to cyber security.

Current Technology Gap

While the broader security industry continues to utilize antiquated technologies, Inter-Con provides a best-in-class suite of innovative solutions to our clients. By combining our proprietary software and hardware with those developed by industry-leading technology companies, we maintain the unique ability to tailor every security program to the specific needs of our clients. Additionally, our ongoing innovations are fueled by our wholly owned subsidiary, IC Labs, which proactively identifies new technological solutions on behalf of our clients and provides ongoing consulting services throughout the lifecycle of every security program. 

Guard Tour Management System

Inter-Con ensures quality of service through the use of our Guard Tour Management System. Depending on client preference, Inter-Con leverages technology that combines recognition systems and radio technology to record an Officer’s location against patrol checkpoints as well as facilitate other work-related activities like shift tracking, task lists, and issuing reports. Client personnel can easily access the system via web login to conduct audits and run reports when needed. In doing so, Inter-Con’s Guard Tour Management system minimizes the risk of security lapses and increases the effectiveness of our experienced security force.


Inter-Con has distinguished itself as a forward-thinking, data-driven innovator that uses data to its customers’ best advantage. Inter-Con offers fully customized KPI dashboards that can be securely accessed by customer stakeholders in real-time. Similarly, Inter-Con leverages data analytics to optimize our officer scheduling and staffing models, ensuring each client is consistently staffed in a cost efficient manner. As we are seeing across all aspects of security programs including recruiting, training, retention, and emergency response, the opportunities for operational enhancements through the application of data analytics are almost limitless. 


Inter-Con pioneered the concept of designing and staffing highly technical and efficient Security Operations Centers in the mid-1980s, when we successfully introduced our government best practices to the private sector. Since then, we have invested in developing numerous SOCs around the world to support high-requirement clients in technology, natural resources, and manufacturing, among other industries. Whether it is a fully-embedded operation or an outsourced virtual SOC, Inter-Con has the capability to effectively support any client’s security requirements.

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